“Smoother than Salt Dough” Clay

1/2 cup cornstarch 1 cup baking soda 3/4 cup water optional: food coloring (or color with magic markers after) To make the clay:Mix cornstarch and baking powder. Add the water and stir over medium-high heat. As the water evaporates the dough will form and thicken. Take it off the heat when it looks like mashed potatoes. Place in another container, cover and let cool. Knead … Continue reading “Smoother than Salt Dough” Clay

Family Time Around the Dinner Table

There was a study done with Rhodes Scholars;  What commonality did they have?  What makes them so smart?  The one thing they found they had in common was NOT high school AP classes, leadership roles, church attendance, music abilities, or even taking vitamins.  The one thing they had in common was they sat down with their family at dinnertime on a regular basis. Thinking back … Continue reading Family Time Around the Dinner Table