A Shelf For Myself

Shelf for MyselfKids love to have their “own” books. Each of our kids have their own bookshelf in their room where special books are kept. We have a family library in the school room and hallway, but the bookshelf in their room is just for them.

When we have our Dr. Seuss party in March, we invite all the young kids to bring “A Shelf for Myself” made from a paper box. Simply take a box and cut off all but one flap. Tip it over and you have a shelf! (The extra flap is a cover for the box when it is time to transport.) We encourage all the kids to decorate their shelf with paper then choose some of their favorite books to put on their shelf. It is fun to see which titles they choose–which books have made a difference to them!

After all the bookshelves arrive at the party we put them all on a table. We give each child a notebook or paper to write down new titles they would like to read. Our kids loved telling their friends about their favorite books and recommending titles!


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