Tile Lily Pads and Clay Frogs

What a fun day in Fairy Tale Art Class! After watching a short video of “The Frog Prince” then reading Freddie Frog is Hungry, we made tile lily pads and clay frogs! The kids had a blast. I set up stations in our room- one for tiles and the other for clay. Our class is filled with fourteen 6-8 year olds so moving around the room broke up the class period.

For the Tiles: Just everyday bath tiles colored with sharpie markers. Then, add drops or a spray (I bought a travel size spray bottle at the dollar store) of 91% alcohol and add some salt! The alcohol smears all the colors together making a wonderful pond-like color. The salt soaks up the alcohol and creates sparkles of white tile underneath.

Hint: Don’t go overboard on the alcohol or all the color runs. It is so much fun to drop the alcohol or spray it… but don’t get carried away!

For the frogs: I used clay recipe on Pinterest that worked great! This recipe was so much fun I’ve included it here and also in the recipe section.

“Softer than Salt Dough” Clay:

1/2 cup cornstarch
1 cup baking soda
3/4 cup water
optional: food coloring (or color with markers after)

To make the clay: mix cornstarch and baking powder in a saucepan. Add the water and stir over medium-high heat. As the water evaporates the dough will form and thicken. Take it off the heat when it looks like mashed potatoes. Place in another container, cover and let cool.

Knead until smooth. If too sticky, add more cornstarch. Too dry, add a little water.

Let air dry or bake at 175 degrees F. on a foil/parchment lined cookie sheet. Our frogs took about 3 hours turning them over halfway through. Thick stuff takes longer!

When our kids were young we lived in New Jersey and one of our favorite places to go to feed our creativity was the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA. We were introduced to Model Magic clay there.

This dough resembles Crayola’s Model Magic—and you can color it with magic markers. Just draw right on the clay, then mix it in. It actually looks really cool when it has swirls of color in it!

I added green food coloring to make the frogs-


Next week’s class is about owls. So we made the project today so it could dry. The owls were made with white clay colored with markers! The kids loved creating new colors on their dough!



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