I Am Full of Words!

For that emerging reader why not show her just how many words she can read.

How to do it:

  1. Trace her body onto a butcher paper. Color and hang up.i-am-full-of-words-photo-2
  2. Have her go on a word hunt. Lots of kids recognize words by sight. She knows the word “Cheerios” long before she learns the phonic rules to sound it out. 
  3. Every word she recognizes (from cereal boxes or any food product) cut out and glue on the paper body. You can also type out simple words. Just because words are short does not mean they are easy to read… start with words that end in -at, -it, -in, -an, -op, -up, -et, -ip.

We hung our “word buddy” in the kitchen where it was seen daily.  While our daughter ate lunch she would read the words on the poster.  It was exciting to add words daily. She felt a huge boost of confidence and we saw her reading take OFF!  




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