A Box Full of Learning and Fun!

Go with us on an adventure, through a box!  Turn your box into an aquarium, a zoo, a horse stable, a castle, an art museum, a music hall, etc. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Find a box (ours is 18 inches x 2 feet). Cut off the top flaps–save for step 3.
  2. Decide what your box will be (see list above) Mimi chose an aquarium.
  3. Be an architect. Decide how to divide the walls.  Cut cardboard into walls, complete with doors, windows, etc.
  4. Be an interior designer. Decide what will go where.  Mimi’s aquarium will have a shark tank, a fresh-water fish tank, and a salt-water fish tank for starters.  You do not have to know everything before you begin.
  5. Now the real fun begins…filling it up! Before you fill it up, we need to do a little research about each animal that goes into the box.  You cannot just take zoo animals and drop them into open space, you have to know what they eat and who they get along with, or you will have lions munching on giraffes!
  6. To research we are taking some short notes (key words) into our research guidebook. The guidebook will be typed for a finished product to match the finished box.
  7. We are adding two paper fish a month to our box. (we will hopefully work up to one a week, but for now, our goal is just two a month). You can also use plastic animals.
  8. As we go along, the different parts of the aquarium will take shape.
  9. Share your box and research with friends and family!

The photo shows an art museum we created.  As we learned about different artists we pasted a famous painting in our box museum. We even added some of our own art!


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