Sarah remembers about Mexico…


I remembered going down all the way to our cement court (backyard) it was SO FAR! We had to walk for hours it seemed just to play.

I loved watching Pokemon in spanish! Atrapalos YA!!! We would listen to Mandy by Julie Andrews on tape in my room. I remember eating delicious pan dulce from the market. The wallpaper in our bedrooms was so thick that nothing would ever stick. In the middle of the night our pictures would fall off and scare me and Ishel!

After church I played on the really cool organ and then got in trouble….it was so cool! There were so many fun buttons to press. The church had lots of tiling, very different than the carpet back in America.

I would watch the flags on the ceiling while doing the backstroke for my swim class. Whenever I saw the US flag I would know that the edge of the pool was coming soon!

Sarah was the oldest. She lead the way for her younger siblings. She loved to read but we quickly ran out of books! We were happy when we found an American friend who had a whole library to borrow from.


Sarah remembers, “I was the only white girl in my english class. In the school play I got the part of the cripple. Everyone wanted that part so badly. But I’m pretty sure I got that part because I already spoke English and it had the least amount of lines.”

Other kids birthday parties were always so much fun. But the candy was so gross, it was always coated in gross chili powder.


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