Madison remembers about Mexico…


Mimi was just a baby when we lived in Mexico but we all remember her as being the cutest little blonde girl!

Mimi was the happiest baby we ever had. She was always smiling and laughing.

Mimi slept in a Port-a-crib in Mexico. She would fold the flat part of the mattress and climb out and escape! There was a scorpion next to her crib one day-scared Mom to death!

She was walking and babbling, sometimes in spanish! Her first word was “cal” for Caliente! She could crawl like an expert, onto the table, the couches, the beds, the shelves!

Mimi turned 1 year old in Mexico. She loved throwing toys into the tub. She also loved to play on the keyboard we bought for the kids.

Mimi and JJ were best friends. They did everything together. He could make her laugh so much.

We began calling Madison, Mimi in Mexico! She would always steal the show with her sweet smile, cute chubby cheeks and platinum blonde hair. Everyone would want to pat her on the head. All the other kids were jealous because she was the cutest!

VonLogan and Kari took her to lunch. Mimi sucked on a lime and instead of puckering up she smiled and requested more! But then she started to cry because her mouth hurt from all those sour limes!

She did not like the sand too much. Kari would try to set her down on the sand but Mimi would stick her legs straight out.

Sarah remembers, “we would make string mazes for Mimi. We would get a ball of string and start it on her doorknob. Then we would string it all over the house. She had to hold the string and follow it all over the house. We would put a treasure at the end and she loved it!”




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