Lessons learned while living in Mexico



Some things I learned while living in Mexico:

1. There is no mild salsa in Mexico. It only comes in hot, hotter, and burn layers off your tongue!
2. It is ok to purchase food that you do not know what is. You can always try it and then chalk it up to the Mexican experience. You might find out that thick brown goo is really carmel sauce.
3. They eat cactus paddles here. They are called Nopale. They are great for high cholesterol. But, they are still cactus.
4. You can buy donuts here for 17 cents. They are delicious. You might have to buy the whole tray after your one year old touches them all. Good thing they are cheap!
5. Sunday Television viewing includes a variety of sports: American Football, Mexican Futball (Soccer) and Bull Fighting. All are equally action packed and bloody.
6. Regardless of time or place, our children cannot live without crayons and white paper. Tape, water colors, and construction paper are optional.
7. Years of playing charades pays off in trying to speak to foreigners. Drawing skills acquired from many years of Pictionary are also very helpful.


One of the art markets we loved was the Bazaar Sabado. This market was outdoors on Saturdays in the small town of San Angel. The square was always filled with artists with creations of all sorts. On Kari’s birthday in June VonLogan bought her this painting below. The painting was still wet with fresh paint.


Fernando Flores was also at the Bazaar Sabado. His plaster heads were so diverse. He said, I am inspired by many cultures and I make whatever I like. He began as a painter but created these heads for the tourists in Mexico City. We saw him a few months later and bought more. We asked to see more and he showed us his studio. Sarah Kay and Ishel came with VonLogan and Kari to watch Fernando create a head. He molded it, shaved it, painted it and ta da! In the entryway he had three little ones, his first heads, private collection. Kari wanted them so badly. He sold them because of the friendship.



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