Learn to Cook Chart

I’ve taught children’s cooking classes for years. One of my favorite homework assignments is to “Learn How to Cook Eggs and Potatoes”. Both of these food staples can be cooked in a variety of ways and they are easy to make!

Each of the kids in my class creates their own cookbook. I print out recipes and they organize them into small photo albums. To help motivate and keep track of the many different ways to prepare eggs and potatoes, I give each a chart to keep track. They color in the recipes as they learn how to prepare them.

To”earn” their eggs and potatoes the kids ask their parents to teach them ways to cook them at home. This simple chart is a great place for parents to start teaching their kids in the kitchen.

Check out one of our favorite egg recipes that kids can make on their own—with the microwave! (Brimhall’s Easy as 1-2-3 Egg Burritos, and Egg McMuffins.


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