Jefferson remembers about Mexico…


He got the tricycle for Christmas and rode it all over the apartment. Ishel remembers, “JJ would let me get on the back and he would ride me around the floor. He was so good at making sharp turns!”

JJ’s job was to roll the new water container out to the kitchen. He loved helping mom do things except cleaning up.

He loved Pokemon but was obsessed with his Sesame Street cassette. He would play Freddie Fish on the computer. He also loved to pick off the keyboard letters and play with the suction piece.

JJ learned how to say Hi my name is JJ, what’s your name? Hola me llamo JJ, Como te llamas? This opened doors! Once as we were leaving the hotel pool, JJ called, “Goodbye!” and then EVERYONE said, “Adios JJ!”

JJ remembers, “The alphabet was on the wall. Mom would teach me words corresponding to the letters. I remember volcano for V!”

Mom would make little books for me about my Power Rangers and Pokemon. We would write the stories and take photos of the action figures.


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