Ishel remembers about Mexico…

I was seven years old while we lived in Mexico City. I loved it! I loved the culture, the beaches, I even made new friends and could speak spanish fluently with them.

In Acapulco I would spread the soft, white sand over my legs and pretend to be a mermaid.

I remember playing Pokemon with my sister Sarah Kay on the tile floor of our bathroom.

We shared a room and had two twin beds facing our closet. At night we would get scared because of the shadowy shapes in our closet. Sarah would comfort me by describing the shapes into nice things like Tarzan and a puppy.


I would always jump rope and see how many jumps I could do in a row. The jump rope I had was made of neon beads and would pinch my skin if I missed a jump. 

I had my own walking stick while we hiked up a mountain to see the Mariposas. I remember getting soooooo tired and feeling like I was dying. The dust was in my eyes and I was very dramatic pretending like I was stuck in the desert with only my walking stick. I imagined I would have to eat wild berries and die there(I was very dramatic).

On my school bus that took me to the Mexican International School we would sing I’m blue daba dee daba on the radio and hold onto the suitcase holders at the top of the bus when we would go over speed bumps.

We played horses together at recess. Sometimes we would play with a red ball and it would bounce outside the walls surrounding our recess area. We would yell over the wall for someone to throw it back and someone always helped. We would cheer and clap when our red ball was thrown back over the wall and returned to us!



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