Chocolate Chip Cookies in Mexico…

Making chocolate chip cookies in Mexico City is an act of true love. You cannot cream butter and sugar in a blender. You cannot save an egg from falling off the counter. “Don’t touch! Don’t touch!” is an invitation to a 1 yr old. It is advisable to keep the baby in the high chair when cooking. The oven is in celsius degrees. The altitude of Mexico City is much higher. You have to add a couple more tablespoons of flour, or the cookies are flat. Flour is white and soft. Flour is like snow. A four year olds hands are hard to keep out of the flour. “It’s snowing!” is not a phrase you want to hear in the kitchen with a 4 yr old. It is nice to know that the maid comes every day. There are no chocolate chips here. You can cut up a chocolate bar and make chocolate chunks. Chunks of chocolate are yummy. Chocolate chunks melt quickly on little hands. You can always cut up another chocolate bar. Who wanted to make chocolate chip cookies anyway? We’ll just buy some oreos.



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