Chapter 9: Just Start!

In the process of writing this book there were times when I didn’t want to write.  My ideas were there, but my enthusiasm gone.          Yet as I followed my own “Writing Traffic Light” steps, I just WROTE! WROTE! WROTE!  My ideas were clumsy and unorganized.  Still I wrote.         Then, I walked away from it.  I planted in the garden, added a stitch to … Continue reading Chapter 9: Just Start!

Chapter 8: Where Do I Start?

So you’re excited about writing, but not sure where to start?  Here is a 6-week plan to get you going! Week 1:  Get ready for successful writing!  Set up your family writing area. (See chapter 7) Make your own “Writing Traffic Light” out of construction paper. Hang it where everyone can see it. Go shopping for a writing journal for yourself. Start writing in your … Continue reading Chapter 8: Where Do I Start?

Chapter 7: Set up your Writing Area

There is nothing worse than having a great idea and not being able to find a pencil or paper to write it down.  Every home or classroom should have a well-stocked writing area that makes it easy for a writer to jump in when the inspiration hits. Have everything a writer needs all in one place!  This includes: A copy of the “Writing Traffic Light” … Continue reading Chapter 7: Set up your Writing Area

Chapter 6: Learn to Write- Write to Learn

I’ve been so concerned about teaching children how to write that this notion snuck in the back door:  We don’t just learn to write, but more importantly, we write to learn.  We write because it brings meaning to our life.  We write so that our ideas and memories can take voice.  We write so that ideas become clearer.          I’ve talked about writing journals.  Let … Continue reading Chapter 6: Learn to Write- Write to Learn

Chapter 5: Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice.  Three friends, three lessons: Will is an artist.  He has great skill as he puts brush to paper.  His images are bright, clever, and leap off the page.  Will has always liked art.  He found his talent early.  Yet, there was a time when no money came in.  He could’ve settled for another job just to pay the bills, but, he would … Continue reading Chapter 5: Finding Your Voice